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    Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
    8:37 pm
    The Stolen Sunlight
    Back home again in between the shallowest for-get-me-
    Knots—My girlfriend doesn't call—
    It is only a recording—Doesn't she know who she loves,
    While the same shadows beckon back and
    Forth to the children—
    What causes these haunted estuaries where only
    The planes and the satellites are the eternal
    Spectators, blooming from the gravitations of
    Their runways—
    With imperfect wings and bodies—
    As some snake of fables sleeps forgotten more golden
    Than the stolen sunlight of the moon
    Bedded in the sweet, sweet grass.
    Bret R. Crabrooke
    Saturday, January 26th, 2013
    8:36 pm
    Like Wildfires
    I've seen a wreck outside my door—
    In the highway, confused by green smoke,
    Old friends
    And past muses—
    What did it look like but a broken kaleidoscope
    Amidst the skree—
    The sailors of other planets were coming
    Down upon,
    Either like vultures or
    Like doves—
    Beauties of their avoided delusions—
    And things that learned how to
    Travel without minds—
    Bodies moving into their preordained
    Beds, into their preordained loves—
    As above them,
    The airplanes roared like wildfires,
    Like waterfalls of angels,
    Like ecstatic words that never found
    Their way into those minds.
    Bret R. Crabrooke
    Thursday, September 27th, 2012
    9:33 pm
    Valentines Day Poems (Through you)
    Valentines Day Poems

    Through you

    I can go routes, no matter how long they are.
    I can stay up nights, no matter how tired I am.
    I can entertain me with you, no matter how far away.
    I can love you, no matter whether you know's or not.
    I can resist any pain, no matter how big he is.
    I can cry so long I want, no matter how much water I lose this.
    I can laugh so much I want to, no matter how doll, my tummy hurts.
    I can listen to music, no matter how loud I hear you always.
    I can understand you, no matter how difficult, it seems you.
    I can perceive more everything, no matter how veiled I previously saw it.
    I can write and write, no matter how long it takes.
    I can tell you how much I love you, no matter how doll it harm my voice.
    I can perceive more smells, no matter how hard it seems.
    I can warm you, no matter how cold it is.
    I can forgive you, no matter what happened also.
    I can touch the sky, no matter how far away.
    I can have bad mood, you munterst me.
    I can laugh, you have something on your mind, I'll be serious.
    I can hide my feelings not hurt you.
    I can feel my feelings for you not in words.
    I can, and you'll never forget, no matter what happens.

    I miss you!

    A little bear says good night
    and has thought of his treasure.
    I wish you beautiful dreams
    and again one day
    am which I say:
    I miss you!
    9:17 pm
    Sad Love Poems (Nominal love)
    Sad Love Poems

    Nominal love

    Nominal love
    the heart in the bark,
    the bouquet of red roses,
    the pink love letter
    the many expensive gifts.

    Nominal love
    the words from the heart and pain,
    the many promises,
    the thousand kisses
    and a thousand tears.

    I call love
    the expression of your eyes,
    looking at me and
    a single red rose,
    that you me heart put.

    by Julia licence

    Love words

    Love words are like flowers
    and the sweet scent of the Lotus...
    like Nightingale Jauchzer,.
    Lenz air butterfly game.

    Love words are jewels,
    as no aderes Geschmeid',.
    When two hearts tell it:
    full deep bliss...

    Love words are like fairy tales,
    full spell, radiantly beautiful...
    They always want to bloom
    Lovers, and never vergeh n.

    by Ruth Stauch
    sad love poems
    8:57 pm
    Friendship Poems (For you)
    Friendship Poems

    "For you"

    I try to feel
    and feel,
    This only time without fear, and without a doubt
    and without greed, without anger.
    And in general everything is suddenly so easy
    and free!
    I have seen myself in your eyes,
    as if I schaue-in a mirror
    You did that with me...
    You're my peace...

    I stretch forth my hand
    and feel,
    even though you are not here.
    I draw your shapes with his hands in the air.
    And at all everything feels at once so good!
    I carry you in my hair,
    behind my ears,
    under my skin...
    You topped me quite, schirmst me off
    You did that with me...
    You are my refuge...

    I am going
    and you're running next to me.
    I'm sitting
    and you're sitting with me.
    Every bad place is bright
    by the feeling you are with me.
    And in general everything with your light is filled!
    I have hands on the table
    and feel your hands on them...
    I put them on my legs
    and now you're on me...
    You have that with me making-
    I believe in you,

    Denis w.

    Love poem
    What is love? do you ask me
    can you define it?
    Love is, I think
    to lose completely.

    No, it is not so, you're saying
    I would like to deny that
    Love, your own is you
    supplement with the second.

    by Susanne Fröhlich
    Friendship Love Poems
    Friday, May 4th, 2012
    3:17 pm
    Life Poems
    Life Poems
    The sound later wants to
    Love an autumn storm
    Rows of soles and thousand symphonies!
    From the sky
    A night of dancing apples
    Forgive them, naked and Golden
    Deserts accompanying her
    Want to!... Be loved by the morning...
    And the night... Circular star...
    Humble, crystalline sound...

    The late sister of night
    Sister my darkness into heaven...
    What magnificent!... glorified!
    The nearby absences
    The companions
    Enlunadas afternoon dreaming!

    A prolonged second!
    Clock... what fosforece!
    What fosforece morning!

    PM connoting
    Serene oily waves!
    Dream, please durazneando!
    Enmanzanada melody at noon
    The afternoon... what you want!

    Love in silence, love indeed!
    The real evening
    The true afternoon of any day!...


    Life Poems
    3:06 pm
    Hope Poems
    Hope Poems
    Walk by a river
    to transform us into fish
    Know the night embraces us
    and makes us explode the ribs
    so skip the heart

    Mount the wildest Colt
    and tame it to do dance
    Get wings and exploit in thousand fireflies

    Turning on oneself
    disappear here
    and beyond appear resplendent
    with the universe in the chest

    Put in the vase of Pandora
    the scattered Furies
    or build a bolt for Zeus
    to launch relentless
    the Centre of sanity

    Find Noah's Ark forgotten
    with Sphinxes, unicorns and pegasos

    Be without Jocasta Oedipus
    Beat the jellyfish
    Cut and bite the Apple

    They are invented dreams
    After playing the back
    a nightmare.

    Hope Poems
    3:01 pm
    Nature Poems
    Nature Poems
    It is a pity that you're not with me
    When I look at the clock and they are the four
    and I have just the form and I think ten minutes
    and I stretch the legs as every afternoon
    and I do so with the shoulders to loosen the back
    and me I bend the fingers and sack them lies.

    It is a pity that you're not with me
    When I look at the clock and they are the five
    and I am a handle that calculates interests
    or both hands jumping over forty keys
    or an ear that heard the phone as ladra
    or a type which makes numbers and brings them truths.

    It is a pity that you're not with me
    When I look at the clock and they are six.
    You could get surprise
    and tell me "What?" and left
    I with the red spot of your lips
    you with the blue buck-passing of my carbon.

    Nature Poems
    2:52 pm
    Christmas Poems
    Christmas Poems
    These letters written my mind them think for you,
    You are the reason that her flow and modelled,
    The reason why I love you and you make me happy,
    Without it the motivation would be null
    And it would not be the way to follow crazy for you,
    Gracias a la vida by received motivation,
    Thank you for the strength set to read all
    What inspiration stems to make me happy,
    Due to various circumstances the remoteness is part of this,
    And loneliness emerges in feelings
    To give room to what was written and that brighten our lives,
    To put the touch of time feeds
    The passion to love you,
    Longing for get the weekend to share
    The love flowing and everything is for you.
    Christmas Poems
    2:26 pm
    Beauty Poems
    Beauty Poems
    Spirit of bee,
    And Leone raising.
    Their puppies no longer,
    And for them hunting.

    That leaves not the patient,
    Risking their health,
    gives them a very tender care,
    with prompt application.

    With its fine qualities,
    as daughter, wife,
    becomes very rare pink,
    among thousands of cities.

    It becomes as remedy,
    Why seek
    also when there is a crying,
    his shoulder is in the middle.

    Families bless,
    When there are women as well.
    Do not write what I say,
    But, what I saw with my eyes.
    Beauty Poems
    2:19 pm
    langston poems
    langston poems
    I never imagined,
    That love was so beautiful...
    Need you is to love you...
    That dream of you is wish you...

    I never imagined,
    That detail to detail, were wrapped around me...
    Your tenderness is anidara in me like you did
    That you llenaras your presence my spaces.

    I never imagined
    Enjoy your touch so full
    Belong in Bliss
    Enjoy that feeling.

    I never imagined

    The happiness that gives me entangle our hands
    The taste of your lips honey
    The shine with your eyes
    The refresh me in your arms.
    langston poems
    2:12 pm
    world quotes
    world quotes
    That is in life ugly, that in addition to roses equal to the thorns are.
    Victor Scheffel

    Only the peace and quiet in the movement holds the world and makes the man - peace draws life, unrest scared it away.
    Gottfried Keller

    You have to hunt also how it is you not in life, for glory at the end of. Because you're famous, only only one hundred year ´ so no one knows more of what you have to say.
    Wolfgang von Goethe

    All time effective nature to the life of others need the ruins of one.
    Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Fables

    And new life blooms from the ruins.
    Friedrich Schiller from: William tell

    ... life right consecration can give only your own work.
    Friedrich von Bodenstedt

    It believes itself to lead man to lead his life, and his insides drawn irresistibly to his fate.
    Wolfgang von Goethe: Egmont

    It is sad when a life the soul rather tired when the body is tired.
    Marcus Aurelius
    world quotes
    2:07 pm
    world poems
    world poems
    Have no more,
    Only your memory,
    And know that you are not.
    You were crazy,
    That made me hope.
    Then you left,
    And you left me no more.

    But this good,
    I'm accepting,
    But I find it hard to assimilate,
    I was blind and could not see,
    You were cheating, lying, and piety.

    They told me,
    They warned me,
    Me you were going to hurt.
    I didn't over do case,
    And I wanted to dream.
    And now I realize,
    But it is late,
    To remedy.

    Do not want you to,
    Go far away,
    Not where can you find.
    I gave you love,
    But did not so you know value,
    Do you want to, or if you want to look at.
    world poems
    1:48 pm
    world poetry
    world poetry
    When after long absences, everything is full
    Blame, very intimate, very humid,
    Each eyelid dry lips,
    In the presence of hours, frequent
    Lost in polvorosos times, faces
    Words upside down,
    In the purest memory of anything,
    Ardent cobres, and cobwebs in stones...

    They melt

    Once, sad naked truths,
    The consciences drinking hidden,
    As glasses of thick light, cold son
    The enigmatic necklace, tumult,
    Hours dressed ignored land,
    Where peace fled and the languages flourish...

    They melt

    Pains that nobody has looked inside,
    The shade of dark doors
    Voices, voices what call what burn,
    The heavens distant hostels
    Tired of the wild fruit rain
    One of so many worn-out roads,
    Enredados mantles of snake,
    What nieblan pupils in the wind...

    They melt

    When once, pains melt,
    The swings without doubt,
    The old songs, they begging
    Bird what they invent answers...

    They melt
    world poetry
    1:34 pm
    world poem
    world poem
    Life is cheaper on a piece of paper
    Cherry chest thousand Windows bankruptcy
    Burying the hunger for another consolation
    Honey winter terraces and Hells
    With every night what he fears his career
    Newborns landscapes, selling pins
    Years of soil, crying vulgar dreams
    Tarantulas goats cobres riders!
    Happens what!
    Happens what, on a piece of paper!

    Empty places, look dull
    Trembling far away, Brown mirrors
    Hypnotic hatreds, beasts without mixture
    Playing off lanterns... restraint!
    Between right-handers
    Between curtains
    Between crystals

    Intact levees of the ECHO, complaint without help
    White estremecidas, skirts, volcanic
    A gift of wrinkled front
    They bury each powder silver
    In the joy of the terrible thing, removing the life
    Green Bell, red hundred times
    On the altar were enredados dreams
    Blue echo, standing tones fish
    Mute efforts with eager eyes!
    Where shiny bite their tails!
    world poem
    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
    4:00 pm
    famous life quotes
    famous life quotes
    Our religion should gained not through the teachings of others, but purchased by ourselves are... it is not a matter of tradition, but the person.
    Henry Thomas buckle

    ... so, no one can teach religion as anyone has.
    Jean Paul

    The pain is the great teacher of the people. The souls are unfolding under his puffs.
    Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

    Recognize, looking for love and honor, which is well and good, and increase the number if possible, with wise choice of good and of the beautiful! -This is the whole

    Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim

    Mismatch indeed is the lucky. Will the suffering teach Finally you no longer like otherwise with the brother to wrangle.?
    Wolfgang von Goethe: Hermann and Dorothea

    Volunteers dependency is the most beautiful state, and how about the possible without love?
    Wolfgang von Goethe: maxims and reflections

    Dependencies? Yes! By love, but not by fear.
    Gerhart Hauptmann

    Absence kills the lover or love.

    Adam and Eve have conceived ´s loved ones, I and my Schätzle made so ´s.
    Clemens by Brentano: Des Knaben Wunderhorn
    famous life quotes
    3:52 pm
    famous love quotes
    famous love quotes
    I must admit that I like to be by your side,
    It is the only part where I am not attacked.
    I must admit that I like to write,
    Because I don't know what I will do if one day you want to go.
    I do not know what will speak, or think of how,
    I do not know how to live, nor will explain how the sequels that were made when you I fell in love.

    You changed me the speech, the way of thinking and up how to observe,
    So if you you go, you sue, your eyes, your in love with speaking, I Sue
    I sue your cards, since now me you you leave,
    I sue your pictures and your scent,
    You'll then how a dove Infidel.

    And I'll forget, forget as he had never thought,
    Never how had it imagined,
    Forget you, because now you go and leave me in love,
    In love with mind and heart,
    As my soul was right.
    Because when I fall I love I get through the pores,
    Well so am I,
    And it takes over my dreams and desires and I can not forget you.
    famous love quotes
    3:21 pm
    famous quotes
    famous quotes
    Was the mourning of the bride three weeks, mourning the sister that was three year. The mother has maintained the grief, to tired eslbst into the grave is set.
    Adalbert von Chamisso

    O, Jupiter was the last years me back!
    From Virgil: Aeneid

    It is certain that a single hour of confidential communication brings closer two foreign people each other as whole years of ordinary beisammen life.
    Friedrich von Bodenstedt

    The world is no worse and no better when she was a thousand years ago and after a thousand years will be.
    August von Kotzebue

    In each age, we enter as freshmen and lacking in the experience, despite the number of years.
    La Rochefoucauld

    Many young people involved about views that will have them in twenty years.
    Jean Paul

    The tragedy of the 20th century is that it was not possible to first try the theories of Karl Marx in mice.
    Stanislaw LEM

    Satisfaction, I dreamed to the outside, now came from inside itself in my roof. Life takes revenge Yes always what Miss it: I get after my teens.
    Franz Grillparzer out: poems
    famous quotes
    3:07 pm
    wedding quotes
    wedding quotes
    Appreciate, be merciful double profit and which at the same time ergetzen is high.
    Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust

    Drum check who eternally binds. Whether the heart to the heart finds!
    Friedrich Schiller from: the song of the Bell

    A man's character reveals itself from nothing as safe, as from a joke, which he übelnimmt.
    Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

    Thanks is a need for small souls of a heavy burden for noble heart.
    Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

    In a good marriage the head of the man is the heart of the woman he can not miss, however.
    Friedrich Rückert

    We see the greater bear our pain. This is hardly suffering own still our hearts.
    William Shakespeare from: King Lear

    The simplicity of spirit is stupidity, of the heart innocence.
    Casanova from: Memoirs

    There is hardly a major disappointment, as if you come with a very great joy in the heart to indifferent people.
    Christian Morgenstern
    wedding quotes
    3:00 pm
    famous love poems
    famous love poems
    How to forget?
    your curly hair,
    your sensual figure,
    and your lips red.

    How to boot?
    my soul your memory,
    If forms part of me,
    If you are what I want.

    And I hope no more,
    to one day come back,
    do not need excuses,
    I just want to me to kiss.

    Wait here,
    Although they spend a thousand years,
    I don't mind suffering,
    neither nor damage.

    Die, my soul,
    my life and my feelings,
    they die with nothing,
    just waiting for the moment.

    To your return,
    and everything is as before,
    to me quieras as yesterday.

    I'm dying in the penalty,
    only with fond memories,
    memories that will help me staying alive
    and to expect your return.
    famous love poems
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