Friday, May 4th, 2012

world quotes

world quotes
That is in life ugly, that in addition to roses equal to the thorns are.
Victor Scheffel

Only the peace and quiet in the movement holds the world and makes the man - peace draws life, unrest scared it away.
Gottfried Keller

You have to hunt also how it is you not in life, for glory at the end of. Because you're famous, only only one hundred year ยด so no one knows more of what you have to say.
Wolfgang von Goethe

All time effective nature to the life of others need the ruins of one.
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Fables

And new life blooms from the ruins.
Friedrich Schiller from: William tell

... life right consecration can give only your own work.
Friedrich von Bodenstedt

It believes itself to lead man to lead his life, and his insides drawn irresistibly to his fate.
Wolfgang von Goethe: Egmont

It is sad when a life the soul rather tired when the body is tired.
Marcus Aurelius
world quotes
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